Planning With a Purpose

by Susan Mathieson

If any of you are like me, unless it’s written down in my planner, color coded and highlighted, I won’t remember to do it. Over the years, I have struggled to find a planner that has met all of my needs. I wanted one that allowed me to visualize the timing of my days, as well ample space for my to-do lists. I also wanted one that wasn’t going to cost me 50 (plus) dollars. Over the last year I have been searching for the perfect planner and I have finally found one!

I have been eyeing the Day Designer by Whitney English, it was everything I wanted in a planner  - minus the price tag. Last week I was almost ready to cave and buy it for it’s space for your top-three to-dos, a running to-do list, a robust schedule section, and a spot to record a daily gratitude. On my way home from work I stopped at my local Target and had to do a double take in the office supply aisle. Apparently I missed the memo about the Target/Day Designer collaboration, but I was so jazzed that I stumbled upon it! I was able to snag almost the exact planner I was dreaming about, for a fraction of the cost.

Summer is over and students are returning to campus, which means I rely on my planner every day.  I am feeling organized, confident and ready to tackle this semester! 

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