Looking for Board Members and New Writers

the original SA First Years writers - 2012
Hello SA First Years and SA Grads,

If you are interested in writing weekly or guest writing for Student Affairs - the First Years please fill out the form below. We ask writers to talk about work, life, and play as a student affairs professionals. The purpose of creating this blog was to share the real stories of what life is like as a first year professional or graduate student. We launched on January 23, 2012. We have posted over a thousand posts from nearly 100 professionals and graduate students in the field.


Apply by August 16, 2015

How it Works:
  1. Fill out the online application
  2. Our Recruitment Coordinator will reach out to you
  3. Submit your first post by emailing safirstyears@gmail.com


Apply by August 16, 2015 

It takes a group of energetic and dedicated professionals to volunteer in coordinating this blog site. We are currently looking for the following: 
Click on the title for more information.

Joshua Wilson
Student Affairs - the First Years

Student Affairs - the First Years

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