Your Personal Brand

by Olivia Miller

During this past week in my StrengthsQuest class we learned how to help our students from identifying their strengths to developing and applying them. A suggested activity for advisors to give students was “My Personal Brand.” In this activity, students list words and statements that answer “who you are,” “what you are good at,” and “what do you want to accomplish in life” to create a personalized brand to sell. A simple activity for students to complete so they can articulate their strengths and abilities to others, but also one that anyone can, and should do.

As a second year SA grad student, the job search will be a central focus this year, and creating a personal brand is necessary. While the questions of “who you are,” “what you are good at,” and “what do you want to accomplish in life,” should be easy to answer, I need to give careful and thorough consideration to what I want to put together as my personal brand. My personal brand will reflect to schools what I can bring to their team, their students, and their institution. In addition to this it will also determine if we are a good fit.

However, creating a personal brand is not simply something that job seekers should be doing - everyone can be creating and editing their brands. For first year grads, during this year identify your strengths, values, goals and what areas of work most interest you. For first year professionals, edit your personal brand to your new position. No matter where you are in your student affairs journey, we are growing and developing both personally and professionally, so as we change - so will our personal brand. As a new school year begins, take some time to focus on your personal brand – how will you sell yourself this year?

Student Affairs - the First Years

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