Meet Olivia: 24 Things

by Olivia Miller
Hello! My name is Olivia Miller and I am excited to begin writing weekly for Student Affairs First Years! For the past few months I have been reading what others have written and am happy to contribute thoughts, quotes, and some inspiration to all of you. In order to paint a picture of me, I have compiled 24 things about myself – 24 because that is my favorite number and because I am turning 24 on July 8th.
Recently I wrote about my 1st birthday in Student Affairs (I promise birthdays are not going to be an ongoing theme in my posts). To recap, I am starting my second year in the Counseling and College Student Development program at Kansas State University and also am pursuing the Academic Advising certificate. I work at K-State’s Academic & Career Information Center (ACIC), where I help students determine their passions and find what major and career path best fits them. This year I will be teaching our career planning course for the fourth time as well as completing our two required practicums in my graduate program. I am excited and nervous about this school year, a lot is going to happen in a short amount of time and then I will graduate on Friday the 13th – which I still have not decided if that is a good sign or me being paranoid.
With that all being said, here are 24 things about me. I look forward to hearing and connecting with you!
  1. I have lived in Kansas my whole life, but hopefully that will change after graduation.
  2. My favorite color is blue.
  3. I do not like chocolate or coffee, but I do like spinach and broccoli.
  4. I took Latin and German in high school, dropped my German minor twice in undergrad and took eight-week courses in French and Polish.
  5. Last summer I interned with the National Archives in Kansas City, MO; I loved getting to see history (like Brown v. Board of Education documents) up close.
  6. Fall is my favorite season, and I have two trees on campus designated as my favorites due to their color.
  7. I have kept a quote journal since senior year of high school.
  8. I would love to join the Peace Corps one day, but I am not sure I am confident enough to do it.
  9. I started spring break this year by attending my first Comic Con, where I met Amy Pond herself, and later that day met the band Parachute.
  10. My love language is words of affirmation, and I save almost every note.
  11. I am an ISFJ, Cancer Crab and have Empathy and Developer in my top strengths – helping people is what I was born to do.
  12. When I am tired or bored I twirl my hair.
  13. My spirit animal would be a dolphin; I love the ocean.
  14. Singing while doing the dishes is one my favorite parts of the day.
  15. Family traditions are very important to me, which makes Christmas and Easter my favorite holidays.
  16. I do not like having Happy Birthday sung to me, and I get second-hand embarrassment in restaurants during servers’ routines for others.
  17. I love watching TV; my top shows to watch are Brooklyn 99, Madam Secretary and Jane the Virgin.
  18. I have not seen any Marvel movie in its entirety, but watched every episode of Agent Carter - “I know my value. Anyone else’s opinion doesn’t really matter.”
  19. I worked at Bath & Body Works during undergrad and still think Juniper Breeze is the best scent.
  20. I love reading, especially historical fiction and biographies.
  21. My sisters and I finally are getting to see Taylor Swift in concert this October.
  22. I cannot fall asleep without listening to music.
  23. All This Time by One Republic is my favorite song, with 5,478 plays on iTunes.
  24. If I were a fictional character I would be a mix of Hermione Granger, Amy Santiago, Betty Suarez and Leslie Knope – just not near as cool or confident (but Type A people-pleaser I have down).
So there are 24 random things about me. Do we have anything similar, or anything different – that always is good too? Comment below or let me know on Twitter - @olive9124.

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