Chronicles of a NODA Intern: OL Midsummer Training

by Maggie Sutton 

One of my tasks I was charged as the NODA Intern was to plan and facilitate midsummer training for the orientation leaders during the break week between orientation sessions.  

During my time as a leader on my collegiate campus, I sat through many training sessions during my time. Some of them were awesome, super rewarding, I came away from them with a new understanding of who I was and could articulate what I had learned. Others, I wanted very desperately to end as soon as they started and nearly perished of boredom. Even though it’s easier to throw some PowerPoint slides up on the screen, I wanted to work hard to make this training fun, engaging, and a learning opportunity.

My supervisor and I noticed that sometimes our orientation leaders struggled to cope when situations during the day went awry – for example, the speaker ends early and now the Orientation Leaders have twenty minutes of time to fill with the new students before the next activity begins. I decided to do the training on improvisation, and used games from the popular TV show Whose Line is it Anyway? I’ve shared the training schedule below for any other #SAGrads or #SAPros that would like to use it or modify it for their student leaders!  


I modified the games slightly so that they would have something to do with orientation or Week of Welcome. For example, the Who’s Line is it Anyway? game “Dinner Party,” one player tries to guess the characters that are coming to the party. I modified the title of the game to “Foam Dance Party,” because that is one of the big events held during Week of Welcome at UAH.

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