Baes That Volunteer Together, Stay Together

by Susan Mathieson

Moving back to the Philadelphia area meant transitioning into a long distance relationship for the time being. My boyfriend is in Alabama, finishing up his MBA and I am 14 hours away getting settled into my dream job. We knew it wasn’t going to be easy and not seeing each other for 29 days really put our relationship to the test. We were used to not seeing each other for a few days or a week at a time with his travels with the hockey team, but an entire month was another story.

When we were finally reunited it started with being a part of my college roommates wedding, then we joined his family for the holiday weekend. Once we arrived in Chicago, we kicked off the holiday weekend volunteering at an annual festival selling beverages which all proceeds went to different agencies supporting domestic violence prevention and those families impacted by domestic violence. While we didn’t see an immediate impact of what we were doing, we knew we were making a small positive change in the world by doing so.

Throughout the night as customers had more and more beverages, they kept asking me what I got from spending my night slinging drinks rather than enjoying the food, rides and live music. I explained to them how helping out those in need is all that I wanted for a successful evening. On top of that, I was able to spend time being selfless with those I care for.

I can easily say that there is no better way to bond! I was able to build stronger relationships with my boyfriend and his family through this wonderful common purpose. Nick and I have gotten to volunteer together a few times already, one of those on an alternative spring break trip in Charleston, SC! I have had some incredible memories with him thus far, but our times volunteering are definitely near the top of the list!

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