And Nowww I'm a Professional

by Nikki Steinberger

I haven’t written in several weeks and while I missed it, I promise I have a good reason! J I am starting my third week of professional staff training for my new position as a Residence Life Coordinator! It’s like a fairy godmother waved her wand and the transformation happened overnight! It has been an absolutely whirlwind between moving, learning a new city, meeting new people, and trying to somehow absorb all of the brand new information being thrown my way. After having over a month off between graduation day and starting my first full time job, I was definitely ready to jump right in. I can truthfully say that I feel so lucky to have landed the job I did. My supervisors and peers have been incredibly supportive and encouraging, and I already feel like a member of the team (one of my biggest fears about starting a job!).  

Throughout the job search, my mentors, professors, program coordinators, and family kept repeating cliché quotes like, “Everything happens for a reason,” and, “Whatever is meant to be will be.” I hate when people say those things… I really do. I understand why people say them and I certainly appreciate their efforts to comfort me, but it was beyond frustrating to hear. It was frustrating that is, until I believed it. Being in the position now, I can truly say I found the position and people that are perfect for me and my first professional aspirations. I know that this was the right move for me, but it took a while. It wasn’t a feeling that others could pass on to me or that I could be given; I had to find it on my own. I’m so glad I can look back now and see why other positions didn’t pan out for me. I can see why I am exactly where I “am meant to be” (whatever that means). 

I know many others across the country that graduated over the past few weeks and months are still looking for positions. I have loved reading about their experiences even on this one blog site, but I know that there is some frustration for what has not come yet and I just hope that everyone feels as though their moment is out there waiting to be experienced, because it is, and I can’t wait to read about it! 

As for me, I cannot wait to share more about my experiences as a big girl!! When professional staff training is complete, we will train our graduate students and then our undergraduate student staff (RAs, CAs, etc.), and I couldn’t be more excited. 

Cheers to a new chapter! 

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