You're Awesome

by Sarah Frese

As the semester comes to an end for several of us on campus, it’s time to reflect on the spring semester and the academic year accomplishments.  I don’t just mean when working with your students but what you have done for yourself this academic year.  That’s right, I still measure my years based on the academic calendar! Each year we set goals personally and professionally that we hope to reach.  However, the academic calendar flies by and we don’t go back to the goals we set in August. 

As I look back at my goals I wrote down in August, I’m pretty proud that I have been able to accomplish and tackle from my goals!  I know it’s a work in progress with some of the goals.  I’ve set them knowing it could take a year or two to accomplish them but if I don’t write them down I may forget or loose sight of my long-term goals.


  • Travel around the US and Internationally
  • Reconnect with friends
  • Fitness/Health Routine
  • Present at national conferences
  • Look into doctoral programs
  • Focus on building needs with residents and staff

I look at what I’ve accomplished and feel awesome knowing my end of the year report for the 2014-15 will be submitted by the end of the week.  With another year in the books, my focus changes to new committees, person reflection and vacation time for the summer! 
Take some time this summer see why you’re awesome.  Write down you have accomplished and think about what you do outside of your daily to do list!  You would be shocked to see what you have done and what lies ahead of you :) 
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