Recognizing Your Worth

by Olivia Barker

Many of you are still job searching, I know this because I’ve gotten tons of emails from young professionals in the field asking for advice, for me to review their resume and I think to just provide some encouragement through this nerve racking time. I remember the job hunt and how nervous I was before phone interviews, before the on campus and waiting to see if I was their pick. It truly reminds me of going on a date. Job searching and in the same and here is why: you put yourself out there, you go on interviews/dates...basically the same thing, you say yes to the ones you like and no to the ones you do not and you may say yes to one and find out later it isn’t a good fit and then you start all over again. Finding a job and finding your life partner are really one in the same.

I am in the middle of a search for a position in my office right now and so impressed with our candidates. We have so many amazing and qualified people applying to work with us, but in the end only one person can be selected. This doesn’t mean that the other people aren’t good enough, it just means they aren’t “the one.” Isn’t this what dating is? There are all these great people out there, but in the end you have to pick one (well...actually you don’t, but that is my preference). I get nervous before the first call and first date and then after it is all over, you decide if it’s a good fit and either move forward with that person or you don’t and you go explore other options. Just because it does not work out with a job or with someone you like does not mean you were not worth it, it just means you were not the one.

I know the job search is stressful and hard. It hurts when you do not get a call or find out that you did not get an on campus interview or maybe you did but were not selected. As someone who is about to break some hearts (in the job search anyway) I want job searchers to know that you are still a great candidate, someone just had something different. Same goes for us in the dating pool. Either way, I think it is important that you understand your worth and go for the jobs and people that can appreciate you. Knowing what you bring to the table and being open to sharing that with others is important. Whether you are job searching or dating, be confident and proud of who you are and what you are capable of giving to this world!

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