My 1st Birthday in Student Affairs

by Olivia Miller
A year ago on June 9th my SA journey officially began with my first day at my assistantship with the Academic & Career Information Center at Kansas State, where I have been a student since undergrad. Looking back it is both crazy and humbling to see what all can happen in just one year. I was hesitant to go into Student Affairs, throughout undergrad I thought it was all about Housing and despite being heavily involved with the Housing Department I knew I did not want to pursue a career with it. Then senior year I worked at ACIC as a Career Specialist, and helping students find their passion and career path, this was the most rewarding thing I had ever done. Despite this, I still was not looking into Student Affairs, but started off on a journey towards the State Department (at least that is what I thought I wanted). Flash forward through a year of struggle and isolation, I returned to ACIC and my mentor and told her I wanted, and needed, something else.
After weeks of internal conflict I applied for the College Student Development program here at K-State and in April was offered my current assistantship. I became a SA grad on June 8th and started a year that has become one full of growth and rewarding moments. In a short 12 months I have met one on one with more than 80 students, provided outreach to more than 800 people, taught two sections of our career planning course, sat on two campus committees, led the hiring and training process for new staff and even acted as Interim Coordinator overseeing the office for almost two months. This year I have helped other students find their passion and in return I have solidified mine.
Now as I start my second year I am pushing myself to learn and grow even more. During the slow months of summer (I miss the students!) I have compiled a list of goals for the year, both in and out of the office. However, I need to remind myself that just as quickly as the past year has gone by, so will this summer and graduation will be here before I know it.
I cannot let myself get completely absorbed in school and work (which might have happened this year), but to truly live in the moment and take everything in day by day. This second year brings new adventures – practicums, conferences, the job search, but it is important that I celebrate the everyday adventures, and not worry about the future.
So congratulations to the first years becoming second years! May this year be as exciting and rewarding as this past year, and may you learn and grow as we get closer to becoming professionals. And do not forget to celebrate your SA birthday with a treat, you more than deserve it!

Student Affairs - the First Years

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