Live from NASPA II

By Christine Pitts

It's Sunday, June 7th, and NASPA Region II conference is officially underway. This year we are at George Washington University in Washington DC. Since it is the first day I don't have a ton to report on, but I will provide three quick conference tips that stuck out to me today:

  1. Travel. If your aren't staying on campus, or at the event site, know how you are going to get to the conference. For example, I am staying with family just outside DC. I take the metro in. So, I plan when I need to leave my Aunt's house, to get to the metro, to get the train, to arrive at GWU on time each day (that's a mouth full, and I a lot of planning). Give yourself extra time. Personally, I am an individual who is always early, even knowing that I still give myself 15-20 extra minutes, especially when I am in an unfamiliar area ( you just never know). If you are someone who is usually on time, or late, plan with more time so you have wiggle room. You'll be thankful you did. 
  2. Attire. Girls wear comfortable shoes. There is no sense killing yourself in your five inch heels or tight wedges, because they "look cute". You aren't going to look cute gimping along. Business casual is perfect. Comfort is key. Comfort is confidence! 
  3. Take a break. Consuming information, processing this new information and networking is tiring! If you need to take a break, take one. Grab some water or coffee. Decompress. Draining yourself is not going to help you. Step outside between sessions, ask someone working the conference if there is a quiet space you can go to, sit in the bathroom stall! The options for self-care are limitless. 

I hope these tips are helpful. I'm excited for the rest of the conference and to provide a full report to you all next week!

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