Sweet Summertime

by Olivia Barker

We are officially on summer break here in Texas! The days are longer and the work week is shorter! Students have graduated and moved off campus, we are taking our first deep breath of the year and we have started strategic planning and my summer social calendar is filling up quickly!

This semester was overwhelmingly tough. I have never worked on a campus where the spring was harder than the fall and I went through some personal struggles this semester, but thankfully I survived. We are busy catching up and looking at next year! Strategic planning is one of my favorite parts of my job. I love seeing what we did and how we can do it better. Last week, I had several half day planning meetings to look at our office and it’s functions, update job descriptions, and review how this year went and how we can have an even better next year. This will be my first summer not programming or planning and training with a programming board, but I will be doing a job search for a new assistant director, tuning up some of our programs and tons of fall prep. We will be busy, but in such a new and exciting way!

While I am very busy at work, this is the only time of the year that I can count on working my actual hours and will always leave work at 5pm! I am committed to the gym for the summer...I even have plans of going in the morning this week, because I have plans after work most days. I am also filling up my schedule with so many fun things! My legs and arms are still sore from the volleyball tournament I played in this weekend, I plan to start kickball back up in a couple of weeks, I have a friend coming in town next week, I am going to visit some family in June, my sister is in town in July and my family is taking a beach vacation in August. I promise to soak up every bit of sunshine I can this summer.

I know not everyone gets a slow summer, but try your hardest to take time to relax and recoop! The school year takes so much energy, this is our time to replenish that energy! Sending lots of sunshine out to all of my SA friends!

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