Successfully Adulting

by Olivia Barker

I think the hardest part of growing up is when you do not realize it is happening. Being older kind of snuck up on me. I remember being a little kid and dreaming about being an adult. I thought being an adult meant spending money, staying up late and eating whatever I want (God Bless my imaginary metabolism), but it is definitely different than I thought it would be. In reality, I am responsible for my own finances, I have grown up relationships and while I have the choice to have ice cream for dinner or stay out until 2am on a weeknight (not sure I would recommend either of these), the decisions I make affect my everyday life.

I have been doing this adult thing for a few years now, but now that I've been 29 for almost a month I've realized that this is it, I'm adulting. My financial well being is my responsibility and my responsibility alone. How I spend my money, save my money and invest my money all plays into my future. My relationships have changed. I know how I expect to be treated in my friendships and romantic relationships and I am not afraid to speak up. I care about sleep and my body. When I think about eating ice cream only for dinner, I can usually stop myself and eat a grown up meal first because I know that a well balanced diet helps my confidence, my body and my overall health.

On my campus, the students call us "adult leadership" and it always makes me blink twice because they are talking about me. I am the adult. I have said it before that growing older is a blessing denied to many, I just did not realize it was happening to me so quickly. While I would not say that I am successfully adulting yet, my decision to eat brussel sprouts at dinner tonight tells me I am on my way!

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