Reflecting In Groups

By Christine Pitts

This past week I have been partaking in a lot of reflecting and preparing for graduation (which is this Wednesday!). When I was in the middle of the chaos of my program I wanted it to be over, but when it came to an end a part of my heart wanted to go back.

The many get together with my "grad squad" in the past week allowed time for reflecting in groups. We talked about how we are, but aren't, going to miss grad school. We have been celebrating, laughing, tearing up, thanking God that it's over, and thanking God that it happened.

This week my grad school friends and I set aside conversations about the SA search. Instead we focused the bonds we have built and the friendship we have made. It's so easy to get caught up in our careers, our work and the tangible objects that make us who we are. Instead of looking outwardly, we looked in - who we have become during these past two years. How the people around us played a pivotal role in shaping us as not only professionals, but as human beings.

Those who know me know that I often say, "I am a reflection of those around me." There is zero sarcasm or " I mean these people, but not that person" to this statement. I have honestly been so lucky to have been surrounded by loving, caring, empathetic, understanding and good-hearted people for my two years as a graduate student, and for the past twenty-six years of my life. Never underestimate the impact that people around you have on you.

I encourage you all to reflect in groups. Sometimes we forget our importance or the impact we make on others. It's not until we hear it from someone else do we realize that we are helping others and that they are, in turn, helping us.

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