Pat Yourself on the Back!

By Megan Reilly


The semester is coming to an end. My finals are done, my work-study students have completed their projects for the semester, and I am counting down to when my family flies in for graduation (9 more days!). My program’s end of the year bash is this evening and my cohort is ready to celebrate two amazing years together in our journey to becoming SA pros.


Thinking through all of this and how final it all feels, it feels like a good time to take a quick pause and reflect on everything that makes what we do worth it. Think about all the fantastic students whose exciting news made your day. Or the graduating senior you advise who landed his dream job. Or even the horrible student org event where everything when wrong but that made you an exponentially better event planner. 


Whatever it was that made this year memorable, in a good way or not-so-much, take a few minutes this week to take a breath and pat yourself on the back for making it through another year. 


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