One Journey Ends, Another Begins

by Eric Mason

After months of applications, interviews, and more stress than I should have had, I am proud to announce that I have accepted my first full-time position. Starting in June, I will begin my full-time career as an Academic Advisor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA).

This moment remains elusive. While I am beyond excited, I will miss Las Vegas and the West Coast. Sin City has become home over the last couple of years. It is where I learned to truly stretch myself and seek opportunities I may otherwise not consider. I was presented with so many opportunities to travel to places I will miss. The access to shows, clubs, and entertainment will have definitely spoiled me in the future. The educational opportunities as well will be missed. I have come to appreciate the non-traditional student group that calls University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) their “home.”

I must move forward though. Dallas and Texas in general present an ideal circumstance: a large city with easy access to both my family in Illinois and my girlfriend and friends that will remain in Nevada. UTA hosts a very similar diverse student demographic to that of UNLV, a thriving non-traditional student populations eagerly seeking an education. The city is unmatched in terms of sports and culture. Texas also presents new areas to explore. San Antonio, Austin, and Houston are all needing to be explored, not to mention the Dallas Fort Worth area in general.

This will be my third state in the last two years and my fourth time moving in the last five. As much as this excites me, I am happy to finally have a city and job that I can commit to long-term. With a few days left until I graduate, I look forward to a few weeks off before starting upon this new journey.

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