On Sunday's We Volunteer

by Olivia Barker

I had such an eventful and fun week and weekend! I don't usually do things during the week, but my calendar was packed this week! Some of the highlights included attending a fundraiser and transporting a puppy for the rescue shelter I volunteer with, dominating in kickball and scoring my first run of the season, feasting on the tastiest food at the Houston Food Truck Festival and spending all day volunteering and playing with rescue dogs. This was a great week in Houston and I'm thankful I've finally started getting plugged into the city!

One of the things I love most about living in a new city is finding a new way to give back. I have always loved service and I love giving back to my city with my time. I volunteer for a lot of things at work, but I also really like to get involved outside of the office. As you may have read, I volunteer with a local animal rescue, K-9 Angels, and this weekend we spent a day educating people on our cause and our dogs at the Houston Astros game. It's events like this that remind me why I love volunteering. Seeing all of the dogs getting so much attention and so many people taking pictures, petting and loving them fills my heart with joy! Not only did our dogs have a great day, but we were able to talk to so many people about the work our rescue is doing. We received generous donations of money and food and lots of "thank you's" from fellow dog lovers!

By volunteering with K-9 Angels I am really filling two great needs. I am giving back to my community and I am helping these incredible dogs. Part of our role of moving to a new place is to leave our mark and make that place a little better. Be sure you find a way to give back to the community that you're a part of. Not only will your community thank you, but so will your soul.

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