Broken Bones For Good Luck

By Christine Pitts

On Tuesday of last week I thought about how excited I was to write my blog for this week. On this day I was at the Graduate Awards Ceremony where I won the Excellence in Student Affairs award. It was on honor to have been chosen by the faculty. I was lucky to have friends and family around me for this event.

So, I had planned on my blog surrounding this day and finishing up my finals. Until Friday when I had a little mishap. I was out with a friend and when we were leaving we had to walk down these wooden steps. I remember my friend clearly, " man these steps are slippery" and like it was on cue I fell down the stairs.

People gathered around and my friend was kind of freaking out. A nice guy helped me and luckily took control of the situation. I looked at my hand and knew my finger was broken. " I'm more concerned about your wrist,” the guy said. At that point my wrist, to me, wasn't an issue. My friends walked me back to my car where they wrapped my wrist; luckily it was my left hand. I went home and iced it, as well as taped my fingers. I didn't want to go to the ER for a bruised wrist so I waited and in the morning it was clear. I was off to the ER.

A few X-rays later, " you really did it to yourself... Broken. Both, your finger and wrist" the doctor told me. Man oh man. They put me in this horrific [refer to picture] temporary cast and a split for my finger. Ironically I already had an appointment for my orthopedic for Wednesday as per a follow up on my foot. So, while I'm there my wrist and finger(s) will be assessed for casting.
The timing couldn't have been worse as graduation is May 20th and I'm now wondering how I am going to take my diploma and shake the deans hand. Graduation parties, summer beach days, applying for jobs and so much more are going to be challenging for the next few weeks. For a while I wondered how I was going to still submit for this blog, since I can only type with one hand. Thanks God for my iPhone!

Maybe broken bones are good luck. Maybe it's telling me to slow down. Maybe it's another challenge for me to overcome. Either way, I'm alive and well and for that I am blessed. Annoyed, but still blessed (it all could have been way worse).

If you have ever broken anything I would love to hear about it. This is a first for me. It's painful and challenging, so advice and encouragement are appreciated!

On a side note, Congratulations to all my fellow 2015 SA Grad Graduates! So happy to have been on this journey with you. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

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