Being a Goal-Getter

By Megan Reilly

I did it! I graduated last weekend and every minute of the day was perfect. And even though I'm tackling a couple summer classes for the next few weeks, I am starting to focus on life as ONLY an SA Pro and not this weird SA Pro/SA Grad hybrid I've been for the past year and a half. I'm looking forward to setting some new goals now that the "goal" of finishing grad school is (almost) accomplished. And although these new goals may not be as glamorous as a graduate degree, I find myself needing something new to be chasing and working towards.

The timing is perfect in fact, because I am coming up on the end of my introductory three-month period in my job and am going to be setting my next 90 day goals with my boss this week. I've made two lists in preparation for not only this discussion but for my long term success in my role. There's the list that I plan to bring to my goal-setting meeting this Thursday, and then there's my list - and I think my list is tougher.
As I've been the "new kid" for the past almost-three months, I have been cautious to make a lot of sweeping generalities and suggestions for improvements because I truly believe that at first, you just have to listen. I think this has served me well because instead of saying something every time I had an idea, I've written it down. I plan to continue to listen, but now that I have the lay of things (and now that two members of my five-person team are newer than I am), I feel comfortable starting to put my ideas into action.

There are the things that I am expected to do in my job, but I don't want to just be maintaining good quality. I want to be pushing boundaries, improving processes, making my work and the work of my team more effective, so that when the time comes for me to move on, I not only have a great list of accomplishments, but I know that I left this place a little better than the way I found it. And isn't that really always the goal?

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