Passing of the Torch: Part 2

By Christine Pitts

This Sunday was the induction ceremony for the Chi Sigma Alpha International Student Affairs Honor Society at Monmouth University. I spoke about the planning and preparation leading up to this event in a blog post a few weeks ago.

I am happy to report that the event was a beautiful success! It was the perfect spring day. I feel honored to have been the one to induct my fellow peers into the honor society. Our guest speaker was a current employee at Monmouth who was also an alumna of our program. It was a joy to watch her speak about her journey to the newly inducted students.

I had spoken about passing my role as president onto a newly inducted student in my last blog post. It was a humbling experience to invite John to take over the role as President. I was able to reflect on my experiences with him and I know he is going to be an exceptional leader.

It is insane to think about how quickly two years pass. As I look at the picture of the new inductees its hard to believe that I was in their shoes just a year ago. Also, it is hard to believe how short I am (I always forget until I look at pictures). I am grateful for everyone who made this ceremony a success.

Student Affairs - the First Years

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