The Real Foster Mom of Houston

by Olivia Barker


A few weeks ago I started fostering with a local animal rescue called K-9 Angels. I had Taz for only two nights, but I absolutely loved him. He was smart and playful and he fit so perfectly with my family. He went home with a family for a week to see if he was a good fit so I got Guy and I didn't know something so little could make me fall so hard. He was so shy and so scared but every single day I had him he became braver and's amazing what lots of love, treats and kisses can do! Guy just needed some time to adjust and by the third day we were together he was dancing, playing and snuggling. I have Maddox now because both Taz and Guy were both adopted this weekend. While I'm heartbroken I will not get to see my Taz or my sweet Guy again, I played my part and served the rescue and my foster pups in the best way I could. I prepared them for their furever home and now I'm working on my third.

It's funny how our passions in life often are reflected across the board. My favorite thing about my job is that I help students prepare to go out into the world. I feel so happy when they are successful and find what they are looking for, the same way I do about my foster fur-babies. We work so hard with our students for however long and then just like that they are off to give back to the world. Some students we stay close to, some students will send us the occasional email update and some students are just a great (or not so great) memory of the past.

I did not have a proper goodbye with my little Guy. It caught me by surprise that he was adopted while I was away and I will never make that mistake again with another foster. Cherish the time you share with your students because just like that they will be gone!

If you are in the Houston area and are interested in getting involved with K-9 Angels, please message me!

Student Affairs - the First Years

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