Spring Break

by Grant Batchelder

I started my work week off with a nice long conversation with my mentor. I haven’t written about my mentor yet, but this last summer I applied to get a mentor from the Men and Masculinity Knowledge Community. It has been a wonderful experience. I was paired with a VP of Student Affairs who has a plethora of knowledge and experience that he is willing to share with me. In our first meeting, he told me that his goal was to read about my accomplishments in the Chronicle and tell the people around him that he remembered a time when I text him that I was having a problem. Every time I get to speak with him, I feel all my stress and anxiety melt away. Since burnout has been on my mind and I have been talking about it a lot with my students, I started my conversation with him about it. We talked about work/life integration as opposed to work/life balance and about the need to prioritize over the need to finish everything. 

 I feel that throughout the year many of us have to prioritize what can get done. I would always prefer to get everything done, but it is not possible. We must accept that some things will never actually get done. Our supervisors or students may not understand that, but it’s a necessary reality in a position like ours. I don’t know about the rest of you, but where I work, staff does not get Spring Break off. I am surprisingly okay with this. I have used this week to get to all of those things. This is the value of Spring Break. A renewal of energy as I finally finish all those things I've had to put off in order to take care of the immediate needs of our students.

For those of you currently on break, enjoy your time. For those of you who just got off of break, you got this, the end is near.

Student Affairs - the First Years

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