Olivia's Greetings from NASPA

by Olivia Barker

I'm reporting live from New Orleans, Louisiana and I am happy to announce that the learning,  inspiring and growing is already in full swing. The theme for NASPA 2015 is "Navigate with Courage" and our opening speaker Jennifer Arnold, best known from The Little Couple on TCL, delivered a motivating address with the message to Think Big! She spoke about trusting yourself, knowing yourself and believing in yourself. Like I said in last week's post, this is a tough time in our lives and sometimes we are too hard on ourselves instead of recognizing how courageous we truly are.
When you are studying so hard for a degree, you are trusting that this is the best decision for you and your career. When you are job searching and interviewing for jobs you are being vulnerable and giving your best to many different universities and when you finally land that job, every single day is a new challenge and all you can do is be brave! 

We are brave to dedicate our lives to serving others, to leave our families and friends to pursue our careers and to put ourselves out there emotionally and mentally every single day to help develop others and prepare them for the world. We are courageous and incredible servant leaders. 
Remember as you are finishing school, job searching and navigating your first years, think big, believe in yourself and navigate with courage! 

Joshua Wilson

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