Give Your All

by Olivia Barker

Search season is in full effect for Student Affairs and I just wanted to send you all a little motivation to keep your chin up and give it your all!

I just found out a couple of days ago that I did not get an opportunity that I worked really hard for and was really excited about. I spent about 10 minutes with my work door shut and then I remembered how awesome I am and opened the door. I'm really disappointed I did not get the opportunity, but that doesn't make me any less awesome, they just did not think I was the absolute best for the position and THAT IS OKAY! I know I would have done the best job and that's what matters.

I spent this weekend working the biggest event of the year for my institution and I had not one, but two pups over for a slumber party! I went grocery shopping just like any other Sunday, I layed by the pool, I walked my dogs, I took a nap...the point is I am still the person I was 3 days ago and rejection does not change that. Being rejected really sucks, but do not forget that when one door closes (or never actually opens) another door is waiting, unlocked and ready for you to come on in!

Keep giving it your all and you will find what you are looking for soon! 

Student Affairs - the First Years

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