Find a Mary & Don't Let Go

by Amanda Stewart

I went home to visit my parents over the weekend. My first night home my mom and I went over to a friends house, to discuss a project that she is working on. Mary is a friend of my moms, who has also become a friend of mine. She is whimsical, determined, inspiring, and driven. She is a story-teller and a dreamer. She says things like “I get phone calls from buddhist monks, billionaires, and bill collectors” because she does. Her life isn't perfect on the outside but once you know Mary, you realize that it is. Her life is perfect for her because she fights every day to make her dreams a reality. Mary is an example of someone who has stuck with her passions through all of life's ups and downs, and wakes up with a smile on her face and a fire in her heart every day to sing about it.

When she speaks I want to bottle up everything she says and save it for a rainy day. “You have to know who you want to help and what you want to solve”, is one of those lines from our conversation on Friday. When I am around her I think to myself, “Who in the world talks like this on a daily during casual conversation!!!!?” Mary.

Mary is exhausting in the best possible way. She talks a mile-a-minute about her dreams and the people she gets to meet along the way. She makes you think and she makes you laugh. She makes you consider what you’re passionate about and think deeper than you’re ready to about what you want to make of your life. Whether you’re 25 or 45, do you have Mary’s in your life? Those people who push you to dream bigger and chow down on life with a zest that is both contagious and terrifying?

Hold on tight to those people. Find a Mary & Don’t Let Go.

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