by Christine Pitts
I was probably in middle school the first time I heard the word senioritis. It wasn’t until the second half of the academic year of my senior year of high school that I began to understand what this word meant. Many of my peers had senioritis and while I wanted to not care about schoolwork I did. My senior year of college I experienced the mild effects of senioritis, but taking 18 credits did not exactly mean I could neglect my studies.

Being in my final semester of graduate school I have been looking for signs of senioritis. Is it possible to have senioritis when you are in your 18th year of school? Maybe. I definitely have not lost motivation to learn, but what has happened is I am comfortable, for the most part, at being a graduate student. I know how to get to my classes, I know what to expect in each of them, I know many of the faculty, and how to do good quality work. I am experienced. I have confidence in myself a graduate student.

I haven’t lost motivation I’ve gained confidence and this is a truly great feeling.

You’re final semester of graduate school, or any type of school, is fun, exciting and scary time. There still much you need to accomplish as a student, but yet you are also preparing for the next step. If you are currently in your last semester or year of graduate school I encourage you to think positively about the road ahead. Stay motivated you’re almost there!

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