Good Coffee

By Christine Pitts

Winters in New Jersey can be brutal. Cabin fever is expected on these bitterly cold winter days. For someone who enjoys being outside, or at least moving around, winter can make me a little stir-crazy. Personally, I cannot get work done at home. I find there are too many things to distract me from focusing all my attention at the tasks at hand.

Being in my last semester there is a lot to get done. Aside from homework, and other work assignments, there is searching and applying for jobs. All of these things can be overwhelming and exhausting. Being stuck inside and trying to complete all of these tasks is pretty much impossible. Personally, in order to get anything done I have to get out of my house. So, why not go explore new places?

I am a huge coffee enthusiast and I love supporting local businesses. I recently found a coffee shop near campus that makes freshly roasted and brewed coffee! I enjoy visiting this shop throughout the day or on the weekends. I order my favorite cup of coffee, and then sit at one of the desks to get work done. The coffee gives me the energy while the soothing music and environment help me concentrate.

While everyone works differently I have found that it is important to discover what environment you perform your best. As a graduate student or a professional there is a lot on your plate. Sometimes all it takes is a change of environment to light the spark that may have died or gone dim.

I am looking forward to discovering new places and people as I finish out my final semester as an SA Grad. I would absolutely LOVE to hear where your go-to places are for getting work done. Feel free to share in the comments section below or reach out to me on twitter: @cpitts_ 

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