Flashback to Best Week Ever

by Luis H. Garay

When I think about my best week ever several moments flashed through my head: when I realized where I would be attending graduate school, when I met my internship supervisor (now colleague and dear friend) back in 2013, the week of graduation from #sagrad, the week I got the offer for my first #sapro job, and so many others. But, truly the best week ever is not a week but weeks.

I did not have any intention of making lifelong friends in graduate school. I wanted to study, work, earn my degree, and begin my career. It’s not that I was going to be a loner or be rude to people but friendships were not things I was looking for. I would welcome them, be open to them, but not actively seek them out.

When I think about my best week(s) ever it is this: four friends gathered around a Chinese buffet table and talking about everything under the sun, from experiences in college, to experiences growing up, past relationships, and making meaning of our identities as people of color at a predominately white institution in a rural town.

It became a weekly ritual in our second year of graduate school. We would attend our night class and then following we would pile into someone’s car (usually mine) and make our way to “our place.”

These weeks and these discussions were paramount in my identity development, making meaning of my professional identity and aspirations, and to know there are other people who could perhaps understand in some way my experiences. I owe this time and these individuals so much. These individuals are three smart, amazing, and loving women of color.

Perhaps in our sign that we never truly grow up, or leave high school, we referred to our group as the “Kikis”. The word ‘kiki’ has different definitions.  For me, ‘to kiki’ means coming together with your friends, throwing a little party, and catching up (with some reading and a little bit of shade throwing for good measure).

These kiki sessions and dinners were my best weeks ever. They were weeks of affinity, support, friendship, and love.

What experiences make your best week ever? Feel free to share below or tweet me at @LuisHGaray. As always, thanks for reading!

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