by Olivia Barker

I’ve been in Houston 8 months today, but I am still looking for my community. In Georgia, I was a big fish in a little pond. It wasn’t hard to make friends in such a small town, but in Houston I am a teensy tiny fish in a vast, never ending ocean! Seriously, this place is huge. I’ve joined a kickball league, I’m volunteering with an animal rescue, I’m trying to get a young professionals group kicked off and I am putting myself “out there” more than I ever have in my life, yet I’m still not super connected. It’s hard when you are in a big city and even harder when you want to be a little more picky about your friends.

As I’ve grown older and I’ve been burned, I’ve become pickier who I spend time with. Relationships are an investment. I believe it’s important for your relationships to be something that is mutually beneficial and healthy for everyone involved. The relationships I invest in should build me up and make me a better person. I look for friends who are dependable, kind and honest and who share similar interests and expectations for relationships.

I have a really cool opportunity that I am interviewing for this week (in addition to my regular job) where I would serve a specific community of students, I am going to foster the sweetest puppy from the animal rescue I volunteer with and I have my first kickball game this week. I am making efforts to find my community in Houston and will keep trying until I find my fit here!

It’s almost interviewing season and a lot of new professionals will be moving all of the country to pursue changing the world one student at a time and this means you may struggle to find your community. Don’t give up! Continue to look for ways to get connected and find things you like to do. Don’t settle for friends you don’t really like, the people you want to invest in will be volunteering, playing kickball and looking for their community just like you!

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