By Christine Pitts

When I was a kid I hated that my birthday was in January, because chances were that I was going to be in school on my birthday most years. When I moved on to college I was excited, because now my birthday would take place during winter break. Thus, I would never have class on my birthday again! I learned pretty quickly that I didn’t like it over winter break either, because I was back home, friends were busy and I was away from my college friends. That’s when I started wishing I had a summer birthday, but I love being a Capricorn and wouldn’t want to have any other sign (no offense). Either way, I really don’t have a choice when my birthday is. So, every year I make plans and brace the cold to celebrate another year of life.

I turned twenty-six this past Saturday. Every year, without fail, someone asks “how do you feel?” and I always say “old”, because I am the oldest of my friends, but most of the time I don’t feel THAT old – that was until this year.

Twenty-six. It is a weird age and for the first time I seriously do feel old. To celebrate I went out with friends in Asbury, NJ and Philadelphia, PA. While out, my friends were constantly telling people it was my birthday, which was followed by: “Happy Birthday! How old are you?” to which I responded, “guess”. I mostly heard “23 or 24” as a response, which makes me feel a lot better!

I took the above picture at one of the bars we stopped in. It was a great reminder that while I don’t have a choice when it comes to getting another year older, I do have control over my mind and my heart. It’s important to not take life, or my age, too seriously. It is important to enjoy the moments with friends, family, gradating and the many more accomplishments I hope to successfully complete as the year go on.

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