Tis the Season

By Christine Pitts

The holidays can be an exciting time filled with love, joy and happiness. At least that is the predominate image that we are shown over and over again, year after year. However, it is important to remember that the holiday season can be a difficult time for people. Our students, faculty and staff included. Myself included.

This time of year I try to stay in the mindset of joy, happiness and love, but it can be hard. This time of year family is central. However, it’s difficult when one is coming from a broken family, a family that is struggling or one that doesn’t exist. Sometimes we get caught up in the bright lights and miss these people who need us.

I think it is important to stay mindful of students, and people in general, who may be hurting during this time of year. The bright lights and family photos can be an unfortunate reminder to some of things they may not have, what is missing, what is broken or what they may have lost. So, this year I decided to make it a goal to spread love, joy and happiness. Making new connections, checking up on those people, engaging in random acts of kindness and being compassionate.   

I would not be where I am today if someone had not reached out to me. My friends turned into my family. They bring me love, joy and happiness. For that I am grateful. I hope to be that light for someone else. I encourage you to be that light for someone too.  

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