Sick Days Don’t Mean the Same Thing in the Real World

by Grant Batchelder

This last week I was sick and out of work. It made me miss the days when if you were sick you didn’t go to class or school. You might get some makeup work but really it didn’t have too much of a negative effect. Just get the notes from what you missed and you were good to go. In grad school, if I missed work it would be fine and I could quickly and easily make up that time the next day. I was sick this past week and still got dozens of emails and phone calls that needed to be answered or addressed right then. Hope your feeling better! When I got back to work on Friday, I spent the morning and a good portion of the afternoon just catching up on paperwork and emails from the two days before. Classes for our students started last Monday, we got back to work the Friday before and I have been sick for two days yet Friday I felt like I had been working two weeks straight with no weekends. I now understand why people don’t like to take sick days; they are more work than sniffling through the day at work.

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