New Year

by Olivia Barker

So it's a new year and everyone's updates on social media have been resolutions after resolutions. I'm glad so many of my friends have decided to make positive changes, but why wait until a new year to make those changes? Personally, I'm not a huge fan of New Years resolutions because the newness of the year wears off and so do the resolutions.

I don't get mad at all of the new people at the gym in January because I'm happy they are making positive changes...I get mad when the gym is empty again after a month. Making a positive change based on a day or a year puts limits on your changes. How many of you have said "I'm going to so start my diet on Monday" or "my new year resolution is to lose weight" (this one always comes up after you eat your life away during the holidays)? Stop waiting to make changes. When you decide to makes positive change don't wait until Monday or the new year to make that change. Be better today!

Happy new year!

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