Celebrating 3 Years!

This past Friday, January 23, 2015 we celebrated three years! In three years time we celebrate more than 50 writers and more than 970 posts from graduate students and professionals in this amazing student affairs field. 

One thing has become overly apparent about our experiences in the first few years. We are still growing and developing. So whether it's finding work/ life balance or committing to SAFit, or setting and achieving goals, this is a time to learn and explore. These first years are a time to aspire and to be inspired. These first few years are a time to give back to the field and to make our mark. 

This week our writers have themed their posts under the theme "Best Week Ever." This could be something in their personal lives or their work experiences. You'll have to keep coming back to the site daily to see what our writers have prepared in our three year celebration.

Thank you writers who have shared your experiences week in and week out. Thank you readers for your continued support! And to the generations that will come we hope you find our blog to be insightful and a glimpse into the world that many of us love. Take from this blog site that student affairs is not just about work. It's about our holistic development as students and professionals.

I wish you all the best week ever!

Joshua Wilson
Student Affairs - the First Years

Student Affairs - the First Years

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