A Difference in CoWorkers

by Grant Batchelder

It's amazing how much difference can be made from year to year simply by having a staffing change.  Last year there were four other positions in my office with people near my age.   My first year was very hard, especially since I'm extroverted. If I'm left alone too long I start to talk to the Keurig.  However, at the end of the year, we were told that we would be adding another position and that two people were leaving.  We had three spots to fill.  Those three spots were filled with some wonderful people.  They are all very talented, intelligent, and fun.  I really noticed the difference during these holiday times.  Last year, we did not see one another outside of work.  This year we had a "the students are gone let's party" Thanksgiving gathering, an "RA Christmas party planning party," and just a lot more fun in the office during this time.  I'm very excited to see what these three new professionals will do with their lives and very happy to be apart of that journey.

Student Affairs - the First Years

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