Why I won't say "Trust the Process" to my job-searching colleagues

by Tamera Dunn

This time last year, I was writing plenty of columns related to job-searching. One phrase which bothered me as a candidate and continues to bother me as a new professional is to "trust the process". While the process ultimately worked out for me, it was physically, emotionally, and spiritually damaging to come SOSOCLOSE to multiple jobs only to be the 'first runner-up'. In Monopoly, the beauty pageant runner-up only gets $10, which won't pay your rent once you round the first corner of the board.

One thing "the process" gave me was a true picture of how much patience and grace I could have even when people did their worst. I may still be out a few hundred dollars several months later, but I never lost my dignity or self-respect. I also realized who truly saw me as a colleague, and who didn't have the time of day for me because I didn't have a title.

As I see many friends entering the job search, I for one will not say "trust the process". Instead, I will encourage each friend to "trust and believe" in themselves. There is no consistent answer for how each person obtains each opportunity, but the truest candidates come forward when they trust and believe in their ability to do, to be, to succeed, to exceed.

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