Who Knows You?

by Eric Mason
Many of you are probably aware of the website “Total Frat Move” that has made headlines over the last few years for stereotyping Greek Life on a national scale. It is satire. Every once in a while, however, a serious article or post will defy the stereotype. This article caught my attention as one of these:


To summarize it: Life does not have a large safety net after college. Careers start at the bottom of an organization. Do not waste time bragging about stretched personal connections that probably will not get you a job.

Millenials often find themselves accused of entitlement. We are the children of bulldozer and helicopter parents. Life post-college is often a cold dose of reality that we forget about improving our standing and focus instead on how much better we are doing than our friends/followers on social media. This was a slow lesson I had to learn myself. As friends from high school and college accepted full-time jobs, got engaged, and settled in for the rest of their lives, I found (and still do find) myself making minimal money as a graduate assistant for a degree few understood to enter a field that will make me far from rich.

It is not about whom you know. Rather, it is about who knows you. What do you really want with life? What former mentors, supervisors, or coworkers could vouch for you towards that path?

The journey towards a career in student affairs draws laughter, confusion, and ire from others. For those of us the midst of it, we find ourselves savoring and craving any chance to move deeper into it. We yearn for the Master’s hood, the first full-time job, the next step towards an unknown journey. We long to utter the phrase, “I have made it.”

You will, someday. That day is probably not this semester or even this year. Day by day, we build upon successes for a sought-after dream. It is my no means an easy road, but the destination at end is worth the sacrifice.

Student Affairs - the First Years

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