When Vacation Begins to Feel Like Work

by Susan Mathieson

When Vacation Begins to Feel Like Work

This past summer I began my first full time position after graduate school, which happened to be 14 hours away from home. Since my move in May, I have been back to the northeast for a total of three days in September to see my family. Needless to say, I am excited to have the opportunity to spend time with the friends and family that I miss dearly! Lucky for me, our institution is closed from Christmas Eve through New Years, so I get to spent almost two full weeks visiting home.

This was exciting until about a week ago when I started putting my plans on paper. I was asked to join my father on a trip to New England to see family we don’t often spend time with, which now fills half of my time at home. I then started filling in my calendar with doctors appointments, lunch dates and family reunions and quickly realized that my vacation schedule is more busy and structured than my work average work schedule.

I felt this overwhelming pressure to see everyone I possibly could while at home and started stressing out. I called my aunt, who is one of my best friends, and she told me that I was not to stress and that friends and family will understand, that this is a time for me to relax and see who I can. Since hearing something so simple, I was able to take a step back and breathe. I decided that I didn’t need to make individual plans with every person I wanted to see, I could invite everyone to our Sunday night dinner.

Now I am able to focus on what this vacation is all about, spending time with those I love, relaxing and staying warm (hopefully)!

Have you ever felt overwhelmed on a vacation? How do you handle the pressure of balancing all of the people you want to see in a short amount of time? Tweet me @Sus_Math

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