What is Leadership?

By Olivia Barker

I was recently asked what my definition of leadership is. Now I've been asked this before, but never in my new role and not since I've become a supervisor or an advisor of two high performing organizations with much political and social influence on campus. 

 One of my favorite quotes was said by Henry A. Kissinger, “The task of the leader is to get his people from where they are to where they have not been.” I believe leadership is helping others realize their potential and achieve success through positive advising and mentoring. I believe in challenge and support. I believe in pushing people past their limits. I believe in asking questions to help them think outside of the box. I believe failure is key to success and I believe in supporting their idas, allowing them try, celebrating their success or catching them if they fall. 

How do you define leadership? What makes you feel like a successful leader? When others are successful I feel fulfilled and accomplished. A pat on the back every once in a while is motivating, but whenever someone I've mentored or advised realizes what they are capable and accomplish their goals...that's my pay off!

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