The Christmas Cookie Catastrophe

by Olivia Barker

I am a Barker...not a baker! It all started sweet enough, a cake mix, some cool whip and my oven on 350. The ending isn't as sweet, but there was a lesson to be learned.

I usually make special Christmas treats for my co-worker and friends just to spread some holiday cheer and this year was no different. I pinned my recipe, bought the ingredients and set to work. I kept it realitively simple since I know my skill level in the kitchen and somehow my grinch crinkle cookies were a total flop. They didn't actually cook all the way, they were flat and smelled funny. The ingredients were cool whip and cake mix...I mean how can I mess that up?!

I followed the recipe step by step, no stone was left unturned and yet the my cookies still looked like little green felt cutouts, flat and flavorless. (Here's the lesson) No matter how closely you follow "the recipe" sometimes things just don't work out. My confidence was really low, I chucked the runied cookies and I went to the store to get something I knew I couldn't mess up...break and bake cookies and Rice Krispy treats. Instead of letting life get me down, I recognized my strengths and capitalized on those...I can bake a premade cookie like a champ. I think it's important to improve your weaknesses (a few of mine are doing anything in the kitchen), but always trying to work on your weaknesses means you have no time to celebrate your strengths. I know this is a point of debate among a lot of people. Do you focus on improving your weaknesses? Or do you really harness your strengths and show those off? For me, focusing on improving my weaknesses all the time is tough because it reminds me of all the things I'm bad at, but if you balance improving your weaknesses with really exercising your strengths you will get a Christmas cookie miracle!

Wishing you all a beautiful Christmas and happy holidays filled with tons of cookies and even more love!

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