By Tamera Dunn

Many graduate students are preparing for finals, which initially strikes you as an independent pursuit to catch up on the readings you skimmed [or skipped...] while ensuring you have the information you need for a final project, presentation, or old-fashioned final with plenty of writing. 

However, for my own graduate school [and professional] experience, few things create the same bond as a shared experience. While you should have certainly done the prep work to contribute to a group, some of my favorite grad school memories come from #TheBestStudyGroupEver. The four of us were from four very different walks of life, had different assistantships, and different passions. However, we noticed quickly that each of us came prepared for class and could easily build upon discussion posts requiring responses. Our humble, nerdy beginnings led to plenty of ridiculously long Google Doc study guides, but also great memories. I'm only slightly bitter everyone ate tacos two days after my wisdom teeth were pulled and all I had was mashed potatoes right before that insane Theory final. 

Despite the lack of tacos in my life at that point, I was very rich in friendship and the knowledge our efforts would pay off. As a "capital-I-Introvert", study groups were most certainly not my thing prior to graduate school. I'm glad I made the choice to incorporate teamwork opportunities and had an amazing cohort to support me in this personal challenge. Likewise, my challenge to each of you is to consider the possibilities and turn off the assumption that finals equates solo study sessions. 


Student Affairs - the First Years

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