by Olivia Barker

Do you remember the conversation, the moment or the meeting when all of sudden you fell in love with your students? Starting a new position means that you leave behind all of the great relationships you spent years building with your former students, but it also means you get the chance to build new ones. Building new relationships takes time and there has to be enough trust between each other to truly be ourselves. A motto at my new school is "Keep Rice Weird" and my students are so delightfully unique and their quirks are so endearing that they effortlessly uphold the motto. I haven't totally opened up to my students, even though they haven't been afraid to be themselves around me.

I have two main groups of students I work with and they serve very different purposes on campus. One is a group that focuses on leadership development for our freshman and sophomore students and the other is our student government. Oddly enough, I fell in love with both groups this week, one day after the other. I am a lot like a Rice student in that I can be a little quirky and am not afraid to be who I am, but sometimes I can be guarded. This week, I allowed myself to open up to my students and really felt like they accepted me for who I am.

One of my student's said "we know what it's like to be the outsiders, so we accept everyone for who they are" and several other students have echoed the same sentiments. It's so beautiful when people accept others for exactly who they are and everyone is free to express themselves without worrying about being judged. I'm thankful for where I've landed and I'm glad to have such accepting and quirky students, it's just one of the reasons to love Rice!

Student Affairs - the First Years

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