No Sweets November

by Olivia Barker

November is upon us! I love a guy with a beard so this is easily one of my favorite months (big thanks to all the angles who participate in No Shave November), but even more than the beards, November means we are on the back end of the semester, the cold is on its way and we are just a few weeks from tons of family time and lots of food!

Now that I've established a bit of routine at work, I've been able to get back into the gym. This weekend I tried on a dress two sizes smaller than what I've been wearing for the past year and I felt great. I'm sleeping well, eating well and working out at least 5 days a week, but Halloween got the best of me. Halloween is one of my very favorite holidays! I love dressing up and I love candy more than any other food, so Halloween is obviously a holiday designed for me! I can't tell you how much candy I ate, let's just say I didn't eat lunch because I was full from all the candy. I slipped into a candy coma Friday and finally resurfaced feeling "normal" around Sunday afternoon. I felt sleepy and sluggish almost the whole weekend and I said to myself "that's it, it's now officially No Sweets November." I feel so much better when I eat well and limit my sweets to once a week or less so I can only imagine how great I'll feel after 4 weeks of no sweets. Seeing and feeling the results after making some positive changes makes me want to make even more positive changes, so I am officially giving up sweets for the rest of November. I've enlisted the help of my sister and she is going to participate too.

We are told moderation is key in everything we do and encouraged to practice work/life balance, well I am focusing on my health and wellbeing before entering the holiday season! How will you be exercising moderation this month? Will you take a mental health day? Will you work out for 30 extra minutes? Will you give up sweets too? Find something to do this month that makes you feel better about yourself. Wish me luck for No Sweets November...I'll keep you posted!

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