There is No Place Like Home

by Olivia Barker

A couple of weeks ago I received a call from one of my girlfriends in Nashville. She called to check in on how I was doing and how my transition to Texas was going...a couple of tears and a few I miss and love yous later, we hung up. A few days ago, I received a package in the mail and inside were notes from my closest friends, several reminders of home and a few other goodies just to make me smile and boy, did it work! The notes and gifts were a reminder saying how proud of me they all are and they thought about me when I wasn't at all the fun events they went to together. This came on the perfect day, at the perfect time and was just what I needed to help me get over my FOMO. As I've mentioned before, I've had to miss several milestone events for my friends. I've missed two weddings and two epic bachelorette parties (see pictures for proof of the level of epicness) in the past few months alone and I know there will be many other things I will have to miss whether it's because of work, distance, money or all of the above, but I know the people I love are thinking about me just as much as I'm thinking about them!

Whether it's your first time away from home, your second or you've been gone for a while, try to remember why you left and that you have an impact! While there is no place like home, there is a great big world just waiting for you to make it a better place!

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