People Are Watching

by Eric Mason

People are watching, and they care what you do.

While this Orwellian concept sounds negative, it should serve as a beacon of guidance. Society often stresses disregarding what others think of you, yet there is value (both positive and negative) in the opinions of others.

As an undergrad, I sometimes relied a little too much on the saying “dress well, test well.” It was not enough simply to act the part; my mindset needed to change as well. The associate dean of my department noticed my recent change to dress more professionally more often. I have had colleagues tell me that my professors admire my work ethic and passion in class. My boss has told me she is excited to meet my parents at a work social when they visit in a few weeks. My recent desperate attitude about staffing issues negatively affected how student staff perceived their work environment. The advising director in my department has picked up on my love of history.

People are watching, and they model their attitude after those around them.

Before the semester began, I lead a workshop on professionalism, both now and in the workforce beyond graduation. My main point was awareness. We represent others more than we realize. Through realizing how busy the tutoring center, how much help each student needs, or if a coworker is having a bad day, people must be constantly aware of their surrounding. Regardless of the area in student affairs, we must commit to this awareness. I am not just Eric Mason. I am in charge of the Lied Library tutoring center. I am a Master’s in Higher Education grad student. I am a So many parties have a stake in my reputation.

People are watching. Give them something to fawn over.

Student Affairs - the First Years

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