October Is No Joke

By Christine Pitts

It’s October and that means that this semester is officially in full swing. I cannot believe that I am already starting my midterms this week. Aside from my regular school priorities, such as midterms and papers, I am also taking my compressive exam for graduation in two weeks. I have always been a nervous test taker and tend to have a lot of self-doubt. My comprehensive exam is definitely no exception. I have been trying to stay positive and have more confidence since I started studying, but as the exam approaches quickly I know I need to be even more mindful of positive self-talk and encouragement.

For my post this week I wanted to pass along some encouragement. It was during my freshman year of college when I learned that October was no joke. October was when class “got real” and I learned that it doesn’t slow down till mid-December. It can be overwhelming and tiring, but it is 100% worth it. So don’t give up now.  

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