Memo To Self: Your Students Are Inspiring

By Luis H. Garay

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been able to see the work and thought process of the students I work with. Whether through an all-day conference, a diversity dialogue, or a student-led/peer-to-peer training, I am amazed.
I am amazed by how committed the students I work with on different topics and different societal injustices. Their passion is unlimited. As I said an email to two of these students, “Your passion and care is infectious”. And, it really is.
It really is infectious in the sense that it pushes me to give my 110% in what I do. It pushes me to consistently support their endeavors. It pushes me to give my absolute best in what I do for my job but also in my work for them.

Even though I may still be trying to figure out the whole scope of what ‘my work for them’ actually is, I can still offer kudos and praise when these moments of inspiration arise. The kudos and praise is not to be self-serving on my part, but for them to know I notice their work, their care, and their thought. In these discussions and moments, I’ve not only learned more about these students but have also been taught new ideas and exposed to new ways of thinking.
I encourage my fellow #sapro colleagues (especially new #sapro) to be present in spaces where students are gathering and conversing and…Just listen. Observe. Hear.
What are students saying? What are students feeling towards the institution’s climate and culture? How do they perceive administration or your office? In turn, I’ve asked myself, how can I best support these students? How do their thoughts and feelings about administration or my office inform my work?
I would venture a guess and say all our students are change makers. They are agents of social change. They know the pulse of their institution and sensitive to societal structures. If I can encourage them or provide a space for them to process their thoughts, I know I have done (a part of) my work.
How do your students inspire or amaze you? When is the last time you let them know? Share your thoughts in the comments below or tweet me at @LuisHGaray. As always, thanks for reading!

Student Affairs - the First Years

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