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Hi! I’m Mandi and I am excited to be writing for Student Affairs First Years! I look forward to connecting with all of you, readers and writers! I was thinking about how I wanted my first post to lookand since making lists is one of my favorite things, I thought I would start with a list of some of my other favorite things

But first, a little about my student affairs journey… I found my way into student affairs after getting involved at Iowa State University.  I was a RA, an orientation leader, and worked in the Office of Admissions. I went to Western Illinois University immediately after graduation to get my master’s in College Student Personnel where I worked in the Office of Student Activities.  I am now in my first professional position at Benedictine University at Springfield and I work as a Transfer Admissions Representative.  I love learning and continuing to grow as a professional! 

Here is a list of some things about me, and I can’t wait to hear more about you!

26 Things to Know About Me
1. I love lists of all kind.
2. Giraffes are one of my favorite animals and Australian Shepherd’s are my favorite dog breed.
3. I want to continue to improve my yoga practice.
4. I love setting goals.
5. Making friends post-grad school is hard but I am trying.
6. I want to start or join a book club.
7. I love training for and running marathons (which is why this list is 26 items long).
8. I can’t buy peanut butter M&M’s because when I do, I can’t stop eating them.
9. I love fall but I’ve never had a pumpkin spice latte.
10. I drink my coffee black and I collect mugs.
11. My dream is to have an Etsy shop with my mom.
12. I love everything about snail mail.
13. About half the people in my life call me Mandi, the other half call me Amanda. Take your pick!
14. I want to be able to do a headstand but being upside down freaks me out.
15. My husband and I both work in student affairs and met at a NACA (National Association for Campus Activities) conference
16. I love libraries and library cards.
17. I think Taylor Swift is really cool because we both have brothers named Austin
18. In college, all of my best friends were named “Amanda”. 
19. I want to be an RA again so I can make more door decs.
20. Colorado is my spirit state, like spirit animal but spirit state.
21. I’m trying to be a gardener but I have no idea what I’m doing.
22. I love to read and I’ve recently starting giving audio books a try during my commute.
23. I am a Bruce Springsteen enthusiast.
24. I was born in New Jersey. 
25. I love the sun. I think I’m solar-powered. 
26. Watching New Girl on Netflix makes me happy!

Do we have anything in common? Follow me and say hi on Twitter: @mandijstewart

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