It Will Get Done at Some Point

by Eric Mason  

I have two midterms and a 7-page paper due next week, after turning in a 5-page paper last night. A few extra hours of sleep this morning did me a world of wonders. Work will come later. To-do lists run my life, often into the ground. With the job search beginning, a conference presentation to prepare, and an extra class this semester, free time tends to limit itself. Tasks never seem to get done until the last minute at times.  

Grad school is a marathon, not a sprint. Even if I crank out half my to-do list, there are still more tasks or goals to add. Financial guru Dave Ramsey proposes a debt snowball for tackling debt: smallest get conquered first. A similar approach works for daily life: what can I do right now to feel accomplished? Take out the trash, start laundry, send a few emails, whatever. Start with something small. It will give you the momentum to move forward to larger tasks.

This took longer to learn than I care to admit, but doing “nothing” matters just as much in the long run. We need time to process information. Cramming it full of more theories or case studies or work only negates progress. Take some time away. Journal, read, meditate, something. Tasks will get done, just make sure you are not driving yourself crazy.

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