Instant Gratification

by Tamera Dunn

Patience is a fine art. Waiting for a microwave to reheat food, a washer to complete a cycle, or a classmate to show up for a group project meeting used to grate at my being. Waiting a minute and a half for hot water? No thanks. It drove me insane to know I needed to wait nearly a half hour just for my clothes to be washed, let alone dried. Someone inevitably shows up ten minutes late for a group project meeting.

However, a strong influence in my life has shown me the value of the ninety seconds it takes to heat water for my oatmeal in the mornings - this is when I put on eyeliner and mascara. The washer cycle is just long enough to vacuum my entire apartment or straighten my hair. When people show up late, I have the opportunity to think ahead.

The instant gratification we hear about all too often is quite real. I'm a confessed and recovering individual who has realized patience is a fine art which yields greater rewards than the stress of needing everything now and limiting my long term vision. I am enjoying this journey of treasuring the simple moments where I have the opportunity to make the most of each minute.

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